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Exceeding Customer Requirements with A Focus on Excellence

For over 70 years Wallraff Electrical Wholesale Company has been synonymous with quality, competence, professionalism and dependability – at the highest level. Whether in the selection of products or manufacturers, in choosing our team of specialists or in the services we provide, we seek to achieve the maximum level of competency and complete customer satisfaction. We strive for constant improvement in our portfolio of services, to build long-term partnerships with our industrial and electrical-trade customers.

A focus on excellence has enabled us to develop into an innovative service-oriented electrical materials supplier. Our strength lies in our ability to offer the right mix of products, technical expertise and innovative, individualized out-sourcing and service solutions. Combined with maximum flexibility, our customized service offers our customers true value. A concentration on quality and dependability in every facet of our service is the key for mutually profitable partnerships.

Facts & Figures


70 years



1.8 million products

maintained in our electronic data base

More than


stocked warehouse products


8.000 qm

warehouse with 5,000 pallet capacity

More than


professional trainings per year






from 1.2t to 21t vehicles


and international

customer base


One-source supplier

with consumer products and commercial kitchens

We are certified


DQS-Zertifikat Wallraff 9001_2019
DQS-Zertifikat Wamotech 9001_2019
Zertifizierung DIN EN ISO 14001_2019
Zertifizierung DIN EN ISO 50001_2011_2019

Our Philosophy: The Cornerstone of our Success

Josef Wallraff Company is modern, value-added, electrical technology service provider with a long history of exceeding customer expectations. In the last 70 years many things have changed, but our dedication to our core principles have not.

The cornerstone of our success has remained our dedication to Quality, Flexibility, Innovation and Dependability. We insist on these characteristics in regard to our range of products, professional staff, technical competencies, broad range of services we offer and throughout the entire distribution-chain. Our objective is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

We encourage technological innovation and advancements within our company. We see increasing customer demands as our opportunity to continue to improve our performance and shape the future, today.

Environmental Impact & Sustainability

Short term success is not our goal. Ecological impact and sustainability are two areas in which we concentrate our efforts on long-term performance to benefit the environment and future generations. Our aim is to steadily increase the percentage of business partners with certified and operational environmental management systems and to manage our resources according to the highest efficiency criteria. We evaluate and examine the environmentally relevant processes at our various locations as well as critically reviewing our vehicle fleet operations. This analysis enables us to determine improvements necessary to increase our energy and resource efficiency. To implement these objectives, we have adopted an integrated Environmental and Energy Management System according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001. Through a conscientious effort to improve the amount of energy consumed in our operations, we want to reduce energy consumption below that of the legal requirements and simultaneously protect the environment. Our employees play a crucial role in achieving our environmental objectives. This necessitates a commitment from management levels, a shared sense of responsibility and interactive flow of information.

We are committed to placing a high emphasis on energy efficiency and ecological criteria when purchasing capital goods, raw materials or services and give preference to those suppliers who place a similar significance on environmental concerns.

The success of our environmental activities has actually increased cost effectiveness and competitiveness through careful use of resources. As well, we are demonstrating our commitment to customers, suppliers, regulators and our community.

Our goal is to steadily improve our performance. Our actions are not based on the here and now, but rather one step ahead, in actively shaping the future. We accept our responsibility to act responsibly toward the environment, our community, our employees and their families. An important focal point is the certification of our environmental Management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 and Energy Management System according to DIN EN ISO 14001. We see innovation as a key to our company’s long-term success and we have a dedicated objective of creating a business atmosphere which promotes new ideas. We have to make change possible and exciting, to excel in the future.

Josef Wallraff Lays Foundation of the Wallraff Company

1948: Josef Wallraff founded his company with a start capital of 40 German Marks, a bicycle and a bicycle-trailer and set the foundation for his family-owned and managed electrical wholesale business. The firm has developed into an innovative, service-oriented materials supplier serving national and international customers.

1955: The Company prospers in this period of growth. Office space and warehouse are shared in rooms of private home.

1976: Expansion to new headquarters and official opening of Wallraff Electrical Wholesale and Retail Company with 2,000 m2 office and warehouse capacity for electrical installations materials as well as consumer products showroom.

1976: Klaus Wallraff, son of company founder, joins company.

1986: Klaus Wallraff becomes Managing Director, beginning second generation leadership of firm.

1989: Company partitioned along business sectors and product lines. Additional location built with 4,500 m2 warehouse and 2,500 m2 external storage areas.

Businessman of the Year

1990: Became affiliate of EGR/MITEGRO Purchasing + Marketing Cooperation

1991: Wallraff becomes a leading system supplier and logistics partner for industrial and expands industry outsourcing concepts with concentration on supply-chain efficiencies. Further development and implementation of customer-specific e-procurement solutions.

1995: Established independent technical competence center.

2000: Specialization in customer-specific industry out-sourcing supply.

2001: Introduction of our Windows-based ERP System with integrated B2B online shop.

2006: Expansion of consumer products division and move to 2,500m2 showroom.

2006: Businessman of the Year Award: City of Leverkusen.

Cost-Effective Supply Chain Management

2011: Dipl. Christopher Wallraff, grandson of company founder, joins management team.

2012: Wamotech GmbH established and designated a Certified Assembly Partner (CAP) for Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds. Explosion-safe products (ATEX certified) are planned and manufactured to exact customer specifications.

2013: Further expansion of electrical distribution business and warehouses.

2014: Construction of current headquarters and 8,000m2 logistics-center. Operation begins with automated Logimat for C-products.

2014: Launch of high-performance inventory management KBU-Logistic Systems.

2015: Delivery efficiency increased. Reaction-times reduced to less than 2 hours for specific system-partners.